Sunday, 16 October 2011

My effective internet marketing tips tricks and training released.

Having an internet marketing business is so encompassing it can be over-whelming... My job as a coach is to take the fear out of these strategies, big processes and break them down into small bite sized and easy to do sizes. Strategies alone do not create an effective internet marketing plan or business. These strategies are only a way to start creating your own systems and processes in your own business.
In the ensuing paragraphs I will tell you of a system that can easily be broken up, re-arranged, easily modified to make it your own. It is best to take these steps and mix them up a bit as Google tends to like and rank easier fresh content..
So if you have a flip video or a Kodak zi8 hand held camcorder you will need to hit the record button and start talking on the topic or keyword you want to cover for your site that day. Once you have about five minutes worth of video simply play it back and type out your words into a word document. Make sure you save it as your keyword or topic so you know what to look for when you want to open it again.
After you have typed out your article you can take the video and have the audio split out and made into an mp3 file or podcast. You can take that word document you created and save it as a PDF. This can be used as an e-book. There are pieces of software that will set up an EXE file for you to upload to your site for people to download. This software takes the PDF and makes it into an EXE file. You then find a pad file editor and use this software to create this specific file which tells software directories what the software is about and who submitted it.
Now that you have the PDF and exe files around you can spin your article into a press release. Take this article and simply make it into 3rd person as if someone were interviewing you.
So far we have a video, audio, doc file, press release, a neat little piece of software with its pad file included, an e-book, and you can also open up either keynote or PowerPoint, create slides out of points in your article. Now you have a slideshow that you can share to various document and slide sharing sites as well.
So now that you have all of this content I am sure you are wondering what to do with it! Well listen up and you will soon see. Make sure to mix things up a bit. You should never complete the exact methods time after time as Google could pick up on your patterns which may make this system or method less of an effective internet marketing system.
So lets get back to getting the word out about your site!
Ok, awesome!
So sign up for an account at tubemogul and its associated accounts at places like youtube and vimeo. Follow their steps to submit a video taking care to make sure your title of the video has your keyword in it, and the same with your description of the video. However with the description as well as what was said above make sure to have your link in front of the text you want to show as people are more likely to click on it. Finally make sure to have your keyword and similar ones put in the tags or keywords area separated either by commas or semi colons which ever the site wants.
The above simply sends out your video to several video sites at once. Now that we have done that we can take the audio and submit it to itunes and other podcast directories making sure to have the keyword in the title, description and keyword area.
So for the e-book, slide show and doc files you can submit the e-book, doc files to either e-book directories or to document sharing sites. The slideshow can go to, the e-book can go to scribd.
Now for the press release make sure to have the title with the keyword in it as well as in the description. and in the keywords area. Follow any guidelines to submitting the press release and make sure it is in the format I told you of above. A good site to use that is free is
Last but not least is our little software program we have created. Simply go to various software directories and register, then go through their process of submitting the software and the pad file. Make sure to have the exe file named as your keyword as well as having the keywords throughout your pad file. Upload both files to your site in a separate folder and when you submit the software to the directories you go to you will point the software directory to the new folder you set up. for the download link.
So there you go. Now you have a truly effective internet marketing system.
Take the time to go through and read all of this article. Do not move onto anything else until you have done the things in this article as it will help you in your new business as long as you take action...

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