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Twitter Monetization: How to Make Money With Twitter

Everyone seems to like twitter these days which is a really cool way of staying in touch with your customers, friends & colleagues. Basically twitter has presented itself as a micro-blogging platform where a user can shout out anything they want to his ‘followers’ within the limit of 140 characters.
I have just started twittering since last month (*yes I’m pretty late starter!) because initially by looking at it for the very first time, I couldn’t find any ‘value’ that it has for my work & my social life. However after reading a convincing post by Aaron Wall, I thought of giving twitter a try. Since then onwards I have been using twitter all day long, just to keep track of some of the leading experts in the Internet & Search Marketing field as well as to have some ‘fun’ with my online buddies.
Anyway the whole point of doing this post is to highlight some of the key monetization elements that an individual can explore using twitter. I assume you have the basic knowledge of what twitter is and how it works, so I will directly deep into some ideas which can make you earn money from your twitter.
make money with Twitter
  • Direct Advertisement – If a lot of people are following you in ‘twitter’ or in other words if you have a ‘wide reach’ to a large number of twitter users, you can probably look into direct advertisements for monetization.
  • Recommendation – You can recommend a particular product or service on behalf of your advertisers & peruse your followers to take an ‘action’.
  • Promotion – You can help your advertiser to promote a new product or service to your twitter followers.
It works pretty much like niche marketing because, say if you are an Internet Marketer, It is very likely that most of your followers in Twitter are also from the same area which is why they have ‘followed’ you in the first place.

  • Affiliate Marketing – I was listening to Shoemoney’s podcast yesterday where he talked about how affiliate marketing can actually be blended within Twitter.

    • Affiliate Links – If you are recommending a Product or a Service to your followers, you can always embed your affiliate link in your tweet. (e.g. Using a service like
    • Sales Pages – Instead of taking your followers to another website using your affiliate link, you might just want to promote your own product & services and sell them directly via your sales / landing page.
    This is an area where every one can really look into. For instance say when one of your followers is asking for suggestion to choose a web host, you can always suggest him the best one from your experience but at the same time use your affiliate link which can earn you some quick cash.

  • Paid Review– This is pretty much like the direct advertisement, however the only difference would be, instead of blindly suggesting a product or a service to someone, you can actually do some ‘paid reviews’.

    • Product – You can do a paid review about a particular product (e.g. Internet Marketing software)
    • Services – You can do a paid review about services that your advertiser offers. (E.g. SEO Services, Web Hosting Services etc.)
    • People – You can also do a paid review about people. For instance, maybe you can review someone’s web design skills, or you may promote someone’s ‘twitter’ account for instance.

  • Sponsored Contest– An advertiser may want to run a contest via a popular twitter user to get feedback about his product & services or just to create some brand awareness.

    • Feedback – Example – “What New features would you like to see in Product X”?
    • Brand Awareness– Example- “Describe product X in 140 Characters” or “Tell us why you like product X within 140 Characters”. The best answer can be given a cool prize sponsored by the advertiser.

  • Sponsored Advertisements– There isn’t must difference between this & the direct advertisement. However when I was creating the mind map, this ‘branch’ did somehow pop in, so have decided to include it. I guess the main difference would be that all the tweets which are actually sponsored advertisements can get a predefined prefix which will help your followers to identify them as ads.

    • Auto Ads – There can be a mechanism or a ‘new’ 3rd party service which can actually help you to distribute or Tweet the “Ads” when you are ‘not’ tweeting or say when you are idle. An ad interval can also be set so that your frequent sponsored ads don’t annoy your followers.
    • Sponsored Actions– Well this might sound like a weird idea but, I feel that some aggressive marketers might like it. Example – “I Love #Google. Re-tweet this message and WIN yourself a GPhone”. Since a hash-tag is used, all the massages can be tracked using that and a lucky winner can actually be picked from the pool.
    Some of you may think that all these ‘monetizing’ options can actually turn twitter into an ‘evil’ place and slowly reduce its value. But let’s face it, if you aren’t fully utilizing all the areas of twitter today, somebody else will – tomorrow. But of course you should set a ‘limit’ on how many ‘such tweets’’ you are going to do on a day, so that your followers still consider you as a valuable contact rather than a commercial junkie.

    Thursday, 27 October 2011

    12 Easy Ideas For Making Money Online Through Blogging

    Making money online has become increasingly easy as more opportunities and innovations arise. Before launching out on the internet I spent lots of hours and days reading and analyzing the many products, schemes and techniques that people seem to be using to make money from just a few bucks to hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions. Honestly, I’ve been burnt a few times from trying some get rich quick stuff.
    However, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are some very simple, popular and legitimate techniques for making money online with very high success rates when done properly. So, I’m going to be sharing 12 money making ideas and I’m sure there are a couple here that will fit your blog’s niche or business model.

    I’ll start with some basic techniques that can be implemented into every blog:

    1. Make Money Through Google Adsense

    This is by far the easiest method to start earning from your blog. Google’s adsense gives you access to their huge network of advertisers through which you can display advertisements that are relevant to your blog’s audience. You earn whenever someone views and clicks your ads. More visitors to your blog will mean high earnings and clickthrough rates. Ensure that you setup adsense ads for your feeds as well, google provides this option once you sign-in to your dashboard.
    Click here to sign up for Google’e Adsense
    Several Alternatives – Here are some alternatives to adsense that offer the same types of services. Chitika, Text Link Ads, AdBrite

    2. Selling Private Advertising Space

    This is another method for earning from your blog where you reserve certain spaces on your site for advertisers to place their banner or text ads. This way you specify your rates which are usually paid on a monthly basis. The cost of these ads will depend on your site’s popularity.
    You can have as many as 8 advertising spots on your site without it being too intrusive for your readers. Each could bring you and average of $12 per month which means about $96 per month. You can find advertisers through the Buy Sell Ads network.

    3. Paid Job Board

    Setting up a job board to complement your blog is fairly simple. Through this you can offer free and paid job listings for visitors who may be interested in job opportunities. To earn from this, simply offer premium listings that will get more exposure than the average posting. Charge anywhere from $10 to $100 per month for listings. The price, of course, depends on the amount of traffic your blog receives.
    Here are some up and running job boards to help you get the idea: Sam’s Job Board, ProBlogger Jobs and BloggerJobs.Biz

    4. Accept Donations Through This Awesome Widget

    Depending on what your blog focuses on you can accept monetary contributions paid directly to your paypal account through the ChipIn Widget. This is a flash based web service that simplifies the process of collecting money using a neat little widget to catch your visitors’ attention as seen in the setup example below.

    Now for some more advanced techniques for monetizing your blog:

    5. Writing & Selling E-Books

    If you are an expert in the niche you are blogging about you can write unique e-books that provide a vast amount of useful content for your readers. Your first e-book can be sold anywhere from $7 to $30 depending on the quality and uniqueness of the content. If you’re serious, your e-book can be completed within a couple of months and provides a solid long-term income. Imagine selling an e-book for $12 with 1,000 copies being sold. That’s $12,000 in sales and is a lot of money even if its earned over a 12 month period.

    6. Create & Sell WordPress Themes & Plugins

    If you have great web development skills or have a few friends who do, you could design and develop a few WordPress themes and plugins and sell them for a minimal price of around $30. Think about it, there are over 100,000 blogs being launched daily. These bloggers are looking for themes for their new ventures; many of them are willing to pay for premium themes to get their journey started.
    In addition to promoting your work on your own blog, you can sell your themes through the Themeforest marketplace. They’ve sold over 47,000 different themes on behalf of designers and developers and their site is one of most trusted and visited on the internet.

    7. Theme Reviews Using Affiliate Links

    You could also write in depth reviews of new themes that may be launched by other developers and themes builders that offer commissions for their affiliates. Sign up for an affiliate account with these websites and start writing the reviews. Visitors who read the reviews may be interested and click your affiliate links to purchase the theme. These visitors will be counted as your referrals and earn you commissions. Some sites that offer these types of affiliate earnings are: Woo Themes and Elegant Themes

    8. Write For Other Paying Blogs

    There are lots of opportunities for bloggers who are willing to write for blogging networks or other individuals and businesses who may need your help. These sites pay from $5 per blog post up to even $100 per post depending on the popularity of the blog and quality of content you will be required to produce. You can find freelance blogging jobs at BloggerJobs.Biz or my job board at Sam’s Job Board.

    9. Creating & Selling Blogs

    I always say that owning a website or blog is like owning a piece of virtual real estate and in the same way that you can buy and sell homes and other properties, you can use the same techniques for selling websites. The value of websites appreciate depending on many factors like, domain age, content, actual earnings, traffic, etc. and these factors affect how much your site can be sold for. You can buy some interesting domains, build up some blogs that focus on specific niches and once it has a steady flow of traffic you simply sell. is an excellent marketplace for buying and selling websites.

    10. Write Sponsored Reviews allows you to earn cash by writing and posting honest reviews on your blog about their advertisers’ products and services. Advertisers will benefit from your reviews since it increases backlinks, popularity and search engine rankings for their product sites and that’s what they’re paying for. Depending on your readership and the quality of your blog, you can earn from $5 to $1,000 per post.

    11. Become A Consultant Through Your Blog

    If you are a specialist in your field, offer consultation services that are charged at an hourly or daily rate. You can also charge for speaking engagements at conferences and other types of offline forums. Ensure that you market these services effectively through your blog to ensure that visitors can readily see that you are available.

    12. Private Forums, Memberships or E-Courses

    Your regular blog’s content is one thing but you can go a step further by offering premium content on a paid membership basis. This especially works if you offer a specialty in your niche and already have a decent readership that enjoys your regular content. Create membership areas of your site that requires your readers to pay a small subscription fee to login. A small fee of $5 per month can easily accumulate to thousands of dollars per month if your are truly dedicated to providing superb content for your members.
    There are quite a few plugins on the market that can create password protected areas of your existing blog and integrates a platform for accepting payments.
    Other facts to keep in mind
    To maximize your earnings through your blog, you really need to ensure that you are aiming for high quality in all aspects. Factors such as a user friendly blog design, easy to find and read information and your character as a blogger can affect the ultimate earning potential of your blog.
    Also, ensure that you have:
    An Advertising profile – This provides basic information of your site such as your readers’ demographics, your alexa rank, monthly visitors, banner ad prices, your google pagerank, number of feed subscribers and any other useful information for potential advertisers
    A Serious Focus On Your Niche – Most advertisers only advertise within their niche. Its easier to attract advertisers when they see that you are focused
    Build a Mailing List – Use AWeber or Mail Chimp to build your e-mail list or at least ensure that you have feedburner setup so that your readers can keep updated on your new content. This is the easiest method for contacting your dedicated readers when you are promoting a new affiliate product or service. You should have already built some trust with your subscribers and thus it will be easier for them to make a purchase from you.


    Its pretty easy to start monetizing your blogging efforts; and the ideas above are guaranteed to give you a kick start in the right direction. Check out this list of the 30 Highest Earning Blogs on The Internet to get an idea of the potential of blogging and the simple techniques that are used to make a killing online.
    What money making techniques have worked best for your blog? Which ideas are you excited to start trying. Please share with us in the comments, we would love to hear from you.

    Tuesday, 18 October 2011

    What is an Effective Internet Marketing Strategy?

    If you’re still struggling to finally reach your financial independence & make a nice living from your home, then listen... The only reason why you’re failing is because you don’t have a good website marketing strategy.
    If you ask any successful offline world entrepreneur how it’s possible to build a great business without a proper strategy, he’ll start laughing. But many internet marketing experts are trying to make money without even realizing what on earth they’re doing online…
    If you believe that you can jump in, create a website, submit it to a few directories or blogs, sit down, relax & watch those thousands of dollars (that you’ve seen in many marketers’ checks) to come, then you need to stop right there. It ain’t gonna happen. You need to think: who you are and where do you want to be in the future. Whether offline or online, there are only two things that matter: “Buying” and “Selling”. Basically, to simplify, it all comes down to this:
    • Who is your customer?
      What is he or she specifically looking for? You must know their problems or desires. You must be in their shoes and find out what is that would make them feel better (an offer).
    • What is your offer?
      Why should they buy from you? How come you’re better than the rest? Why should they trust you? Are you offering your own or someone else’s product? How will you create an irresistible offer so they beg you to sell it to them?
    Think about it… There are millions of people buying online every single day. If they’re not buying from you then whose fault is that - theirs or yours?
    Before you even start creating internet marketing strategy for your website(s), you need to do a research. That’s where it all begins actually. Just like in any business, you have to understand where you are and what can you do.

    #1 Phase - Online Research

    In this phase, you must research your market. Who are your main competitors? What are they doing online? PPC, SEO, press releases, develop their own products, do affiliate marketing or Adsense? What are their weaknesses? Do they offer a guarantee? Is their product really good? Do they build links constantly or not?
    Who is your favourite customer? Where do they hangout: MySpace or YouTube? Are they freebie seekers or desperate buyers? What forces them to buy one or another product? Read reviews, forums, testimonials to find out as much as you can about your target market.

    #2 Phase – Data Analysis

    If you’ve performed a thorough online market research, it’s time to systematize the data you have. Write down what are the main strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Maybe you have more time than your competitors? Or maybe you know some targeted traffic source that others don’t. How might this affect your business?
    Which are the places your target market usually visits? What are their main concerns? Maybe they’re not satisfied with the products in the market. Can offer something better, maybe in a form of a bonus? After that, you come to the next step, which is developing your internet marketing strategy.

    #3 Phase – Strategy Development

    When you already know your target market and your competitors, you are able to start creating your internet marketing strategy (or strategies). Just sit down and think about: who you are and what you can offer to the target market.
    It involves a little bit of planning. What marketing methods you’ll use and which ones you can afford? PPC, SEO, email, blogging, podcasting, video blogging, webinars, viral traffic generation, link building, banner exchange or others…? You must prioritize your web marketing tactics. Find out what’s going to bring you positive ROI in the shortest time possible.
    Do you have enough time to perform search engine optimization? If so, then sit and do everything you can, day in day out, to rank at the top in search engines. Don’t have time? Then buy PPC traffic and start testing your landing pages effectively. Or buy resell rights to products and sell them on ClickBank with the help of JV partners.
    Don’t have time AND money? Then you better get one or another, otherwise you’re dead.
    Seriously, you must find ways to get time or money. You need to think about how you can exploit other people’s time and money to build your own web business. That’s what rich people do and that’s what you must do if you want to survive in this competitive world.

    #4 Phase – Monitoring Performance

    When you have an internet marketing plan, you can start implementing it right away. The last step is to start monitoring your internet marketing campaigns. Which keywords people typed into search engines to find your site? Which keywords brought you the most money in PPC marketing? Are you satisfied with your SEO rankings or not? Do majority of your visitors leave your site without even spending 30 seconds? And so on…
    Only with the help of close monitoring you can discover what works and what doesn’t. Testing landing pages, testing Adwords ads against each other (A/B split testing) can show you some amazing results. And remember – you never know for sure until you TEST it!


    Sunday, 16 October 2011

    My effective internet marketing tips tricks and training released.

    Having an internet marketing business is so encompassing it can be over-whelming... My job as a coach is to take the fear out of these strategies, big processes and break them down into small bite sized and easy to do sizes. Strategies alone do not create an effective internet marketing plan or business. These strategies are only a way to start creating your own systems and processes in your own business.
    In the ensuing paragraphs I will tell you of a system that can easily be broken up, re-arranged, easily modified to make it your own. It is best to take these steps and mix them up a bit as Google tends to like and rank easier fresh content..
    So if you have a flip video or a Kodak zi8 hand held camcorder you will need to hit the record button and start talking on the topic or keyword you want to cover for your site that day. Once you have about five minutes worth of video simply play it back and type out your words into a word document. Make sure you save it as your keyword or topic so you know what to look for when you want to open it again.
    After you have typed out your article you can take the video and have the audio split out and made into an mp3 file or podcast. You can take that word document you created and save it as a PDF. This can be used as an e-book. There are pieces of software that will set up an EXE file for you to upload to your site for people to download. This software takes the PDF and makes it into an EXE file. You then find a pad file editor and use this software to create this specific file which tells software directories what the software is about and who submitted it.
    Now that you have the PDF and exe files around you can spin your article into a press release. Take this article and simply make it into 3rd person as if someone were interviewing you.
    So far we have a video, audio, doc file, press release, a neat little piece of software with its pad file included, an e-book, and you can also open up either keynote or PowerPoint, create slides out of points in your article. Now you have a slideshow that you can share to various document and slide sharing sites as well.
    So now that you have all of this content I am sure you are wondering what to do with it! Well listen up and you will soon see. Make sure to mix things up a bit. You should never complete the exact methods time after time as Google could pick up on your patterns which may make this system or method less of an effective internet marketing system.
    So lets get back to getting the word out about your site!
    Ok, awesome!
    So sign up for an account at tubemogul and its associated accounts at places like youtube and vimeo. Follow their steps to submit a video taking care to make sure your title of the video has your keyword in it, and the same with your description of the video. However with the description as well as what was said above make sure to have your link in front of the text you want to show as people are more likely to click on it. Finally make sure to have your keyword and similar ones put in the tags or keywords area separated either by commas or semi colons which ever the site wants.
    The above simply sends out your video to several video sites at once. Now that we have done that we can take the audio and submit it to itunes and other podcast directories making sure to have the keyword in the title, description and keyword area.
    So for the e-book, slide show and doc files you can submit the e-book, doc files to either e-book directories or to document sharing sites. The slideshow can go to, the e-book can go to scribd.
    Now for the press release make sure to have the title with the keyword in it as well as in the description. and in the keywords area. Follow any guidelines to submitting the press release and make sure it is in the format I told you of above. A good site to use that is free is
    Last but not least is our little software program we have created. Simply go to various software directories and register, then go through their process of submitting the software and the pad file. Make sure to have the exe file named as your keyword as well as having the keywords throughout your pad file. Upload both files to your site in a separate folder and when you submit the software to the directories you go to you will point the software directory to the new folder you set up. for the download link.
    So there you go. Now you have a truly effective internet marketing system.
    Take the time to go through and read all of this article. Do not move onto anything else until you have done the things in this article as it will help you in your new business as long as you take action...

    Friday, 7 October 2011

    New Powerful Twitter Software to Explode Your Profits!! I Love this!!

    Almost every twitter  marketer will tell you that you will need to have followers first before getting  any traffic from twitter.
    Well, that is very true to average twitter marketers. They follow  other users in twitter and wish to follow them back, and then send offers. That  is a very time consuming process and gives very small result.
    I want to introduce you a new twitter tool that rapidly  gaining popularity all over the internet not just because it can do everything you need to succeed in twitter but because of its capability to drive  traffic from twitter to your website even if you have 0  followers.
    It's called TweetAttacks, its still new and everyone seems going crazy about it.
    Are you still doing the old way of twitter marketing that  been doing by 99% of twitter marketers?
    You've got to try this little wonder and say goodbye to  being average twitter marketer.
    Happy tweeting

    Thursday, 6 October 2011

    What is the Best Way to Make Money Online?

    When it comes to the best way to make money online there are hundreds of options that are available to the public. Depending on your interests and skills, there are many different online money making activities that you can take place in. The bottom line is that regardless of what you like to do, the internet will afford you the option to turn it into a way of making money.

    One of the best ways to make money online is by taking advantage of the thousands of affiliate programs that are available. These programs are easy to get set up with, and can make you a lot of money if you are persistent. By becoming an affiliate member of a certain company, you will be paid for any visitors or customers that you send to their site. This means that you can set up your own website with affiliate links, and each time you refer a visitor or customer you will get paid. The most important thing to remember about making money with affiliate programs is that you will have to start out slow; nobody will be making thousands of dollars right off the bat. But after you get things rolling and learn about the industry, you will be able to increase your profits.

    Another great way to make money online is by setting up your own online store front. Instead of taking the hard route and setting up a retail shop, why not look into starting your own online store? If you can set up a quality shop that sells products that people need, you will be able to see results in no time at all. Keep in mind that you will have to build your business up from scratch. This includes a lot of advertising so that people know that you are available to meet their needs.

    There are also a lot of people that make money online by simply filling out surveys. There are thousands of these opportunities available online so you should not have any problems finding one that suits your needs. If you are going to look into this option you should be aware that there are some scams out there. Even though you are not going to get rich off of surveys, it is one of the best ways to make money online.

    Making money online is actually a pretty easy thing to accomplish. The reason that it is not difficult to make money online is because there are so many options available. Regardless of what you like to do, you should not have any problems finding an online opportunity that suits your needs. A little bit of research will turn up hundreds of results.

    Tuesday, 4 October 2011

    How to Become A Clickbank Super Affiliate

    Making money through affiliate marketing is one of the most rewarding careers one could ever have. What's good about this business is that anyone can join and make their way to success. Affiliate marketing has been known to be cost-efficient, assessable method of conveying long-term results. In fact, you can start even with a shoe string budget. And with affiliate marketing, you can have the benefit of working from home and enjoying the freedom and flexibility of working for yourself.

    But there are also some people who failed in this kind of business. It could be because they lack knowledge and tactics. If you are a web site owner and you want to join in an affiliate marketing business, you should know where to get good affiliate programs.

    Clickbank is an ideal place to start. Here, you can find one of the largest affiliate marketing programs in the industry. You just need to visit their site and secure a clickbank ID. From the Clickbank's home page, proceed to "Earn Commissions" and look for the products and services that perfectly fit you and your site. These products are typically ranked according to their popularity.

    Clickbank is one of the affiliate networks that serve as a 3rd party between the web merchants and the associated affiliates. It is responsible in providing the technology to deliver the merchant's offers and campaigns. The affiliate network also do the job of collecting commission fees from the merchant and giving it to the affiliates involved in the program.

    Clickbank provides you a large and increasing network of publishers or affiliates to tap into. To be more specific, clickbank has more than 100,000 affiliates who are experts in finding potential customers for your affiliate program. The reason why more and more affiliates are joining Clickbank is obvious-the process of gaining commissions in this network is absolutely fair and transparent.

    For web merchants, joining Clickbank is so easy. You just need to sign up in their site for free and allow them to sell your products. Keep up a promotional web site that gives your potential customers detailed information about your offered product or services. At your website, you must also maintain a comprehensive technical support pages for your product. In return, Clickbank will promote and sell your product, give customer service for your product, allow their affiliates to pass on traffic to your web site, enable you to encourage new affiliates to advertise your web site, furnish real-time sales reporting for you and the affiliates and send you and all affiliates a paycheck twice a month.

    It seems like new information is discovered about something every day. And the topic of clickbank is no exception. Keep reading to get more fresh news about clickbank.

    If you're a Clickbank affiliate wannabe, you surely won't find it hard to be a part of this network. First, you are required to place their link on your website and if you don't have a Clickbank account, you need to complete the Clickbank affiliate form and create your own account. Then, if you already have a Clickbank username, you are free to choose whatever marketing tools you want to use bring in more clicks and generate more sales. After selecting marketing tools, you can now get your affiliate link.

    That's how simple it is to join Clickbank. But being a Clickbank super affiliate is no minor achievement. It means you need to possess the ability to sell lots of affiliate products. You also need to have expertise in search engine optimization, email marketing, newsletter marketing, reciprocal linkage, link exchanges and other methods of promoting your merchant's goods and services.

    Among the secrets to become successful in affiliate marketing is to come up with good content based website and put your affiliate links in all your content. Your main purpose here is to give your visitors good quality content about the things they are interested in. Set aside the job of selling. It must be done by the sales letter page you are transferring them to.

    Promote multiple affiliate programs in your website but don't promote everything the world has to offer. Just choose the affiliate programs that fit your site and focus on it. Then, it is advisable to automate the whole process, giving you more time for other ventures. Yes, you've read it right! Automation is another key to become a super affiliate.

    Of course, you have to spend more time in reading, learning and taking up the changes in affiliate marketing business. Through this, you'll remain on top of the trends. If you are knowledgeable with online marketing, you'll understand how important it is to stay up-to-date. In this kind of business, what worked and what was accepted few months ago may not work at present. So always see to it that you know what's new in affiliate marketing everyday.

    It's really hard to be a Clickbank super affiliate, but you shouldn't say NO to the thought of giving up. Bear in mind that in affiliate marketing business, you need to develop persistence, patience and knowledge. These traits will teach you to carry on no matter how tough the job is. Also, check your statistics. This will help you find out what is working and what is not. Make necessary changes if needed but do it one at a time and be patient.

    Don't forget that in affiliate marketing, everything won't take place overnight. And it will not happen without blood, sweat and hefty time commitment. Again, just encompass patience, persistence and knowledge; then do above mentioned tactics. Before you recognize it, you will start gaining profits. Believe me, the fruits of all your efforts here in affiliate marketing will be way too sweet.

    It never hurts to be well-informed with the latest on clickbank. Compare what you've learned here to future articles so that you can stay alert to changes in the area of clickbank.