Thursday, 22 December 2011

3 Reasons Why Facebook “Likes” is More Effective Than the Email List Today?

In the past, email list building is considered as one of the most important things to do for the marketer. However, it has beginning to lose its effectiveness with the advent of the effects of “Facebook Likes” marketing.
Here are the 3 reasons why a Facebook Like is More Effective than a Email Lead?

#1 Automation Equals No Interaction
Getting tons of email messages on an automated system into your inbox each day, can be quite frustrating especially if you have participated to be opted in many subscribers’ listings. For the first few emails, it may seem ok for you. However, you may start to feel that the emails are getting so “spammy” that you might as well delete them the moment you see them.
Facebook “Likes” are different. This is because the prospect will actually see more of your brand and it will make your brand look more credible to the prospect. He or she will receive your latest updates, links, pictures and videos on their walls. The prospects can interacts with you  by asking you questions and such. The prospect will feel that your brand is a real person, not a robot, who is there to solve their problems or simply dialogue with them.
#2 Facebook Likes Are More Viral
When you subscribed to a email list, you will normally receive e-newsletters, promotions and such every now and then. Whenever I see it, I would just skim it through, press the ‘delete’ button and that’s it. No need to bother to email to my friends because firstly it is so troublesome to paste every single email addresses of the people I think they may like the article. And if I keep on sending these newsletter, will my friends think that I am trying to sell them something?
Hence, the viral effect for email listing is slow and not effective as the level of trust between the prospect and the company is very low.
When you press the “Like”  or “Share” button on a particular article or brand on Facebook, naturally all of your friends in your network will notice it when they visited your Wall. If they “Like” it, they will do the same thing as you. And by doing so, instantly, all the friends on their network will also know. This will go on and on with the potential to spread the word among the 500 million Facebook users around the world. Sharing of your Likes and stuffs on Facebook is more effective and looks more trustworthy compare to forwarding stuffs to email listings.
#3 Real Time vs Scheduled Time
Speed is everything today. Getting email updates on a regular scheduled updates is considered slower than getting real-time updates on your Facebook. With the advent of internet phones, it provides much more convenience to mobile users to check their Facebook notifications, at any time in any part of the world.
The marketing manager of today should embrace speedy real time updates as their top priority.
Here’s a memorable quote from renowned news guru, Rupert Murdoch,
The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.
As technology improves and many things are growing at “Road Runners” speed, especially on the internet, the marketers must adapt to it faster in order to be ahead of their competition. By accepting the fact that getting Facebook Likes is more popular and effective than getting a list of email subscribers now, the marketers should divert their attentions more towards Facebook and social media marketing strategies instead.
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author: Jacky Tan

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