Saturday, 26 May 2012

How to Create an InfoProduct From PLR Content

Internet marketers have a love/hate relationship with Private Label Rights content (PLR). Some see it as a way to save themselves time in creating content. Some see it as a shortcut for building their business. Other purists think it’s cheating and that you should create everything yourself. But using PLR the right way is both time-saving and smart marketing. One of the most popular ways to use PLR is for the creation of quality ebooks that you can sell and profit from.
There are many marketers who still prefer to buy a PLR ebook package, turn around and sell it without any changes at all. Depending on the rights that come with the package, that’s certainly legal and possible. But that also means that there will be many others selling the same thing. Do you really want to put your name on something that others also have their name on? With just a little extra work, you can create a unique product from your PLR and stand out from the rest of the crowd.
Add More Value
One of the most important ways to create a quality product from PLR is to add additional value to it. If you buy something that already is high quality, you won’t need to change the current content. However, you can add examples that illustrate the key points in the text. Personal stories are the easiest to add, but you can also provide examples that are specific to your market.
Another way to add value is to put in additional information. You can insert chapters from other, related PLR and just make sure everything flows together. Or you could add your own tips and ideas to expand on what’s already there.
Change the Look
Just changing the graphics of the PLR will make it look different from any others being sold. If your PLR came with ecovers, website headers, or sales pages, make sure you get new ones made. You can easily go to places like to get cheap graphics made that will still look very professional. People on Fiverr will even install the graphics on a website for you – all for just $5! Make sure you change the title of the PLR also.
Make it Visual
A lot of PLR just consists of text – articles and ebooks in particular. By adding clipart, screenshots and other graphics, you’ll be adding value to the product and visual interest that will engage the customer more. With little time and thought, you can quickly search for relevant images to add or take a quick screen capture that illustrates a point. Just be sure to use royalty-free images only or get the permission of the photographer. Images are cheap, so there’s no reason to use someone else’s and it can only get you into trouble.
Provide Resources
Suggest resources and tools throughout the product that will help the reader implement what you’re talking about. This may sound simple, but your customer will appreciate it. At the same time, you can include your affiliate links for these resources, where relevant, and earn a little extra cash. In addition, add the list of resources at the end of your product as an easy reference point.
While it sound easy to buy a ready-made ebook and put it up on the web for sale, it’s not necessarily the best way to profit from PLR. However, if you add value to it through a few simple methods you’ll earn more and be proud to put your name on your product.

author: Andre W. Klein

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